A Picture Moment

Being part of the Make A Difference Day (MDD) here in NSP is one of the things that I loved to do not only because I liked to reach out to the less fortunate ones but I believe that it is actually my calling. I actually, in fact, wanted to take up Social Work in college but since we have to be practical that’s why I ended up with Computer Science since at time it was the hot job.

But instead, I ended up taking pictures … lots of pictures. Of course I also helped but only during the food distribution. Hehehe. Below are my so called pang national geographic shots.


Reign over me

When I was still in New York City, I saw the trailer to this movie twice or thrice and I immediately wanted to see it.  It premiered actually on my birthday but was not able to see it in San Francisco … mainly because it would cost me $10 for that.

So when I came back here in Cebu, I asked around if it was already shown on the local theater but to it wasn’t.  So I was happy about that.

After finally obtaining a copy, I watched it on that same night.  Alright I admit that the copy wasn’t of top quality but at least I did get to see what the movie was.

It was actually like watching The Pursuit of Happyness where the setting was in New York City instead of San Francisco.  The story was nice even though it was for more than two hours and at times it became such a bore.

I guess, for both movies actually, I was a bit disappointed even if the story very nice because of the intense feeling of wanting to see it right away.  Don’t get me wrong … the movies were still worth watching … but at some time, I couldn’t help but feel very sleepy.  😀

Murder … I Wrote

I usually don’t have any dreams nor do I remember any of it when I wake up. It would just either be that I will know that I had a dream last night or not and that’s it.

Before, when it was still the 3 of us living together, Kristin kind of contaminated me with her every-night-different-dreams malady (didn’t know what other word would sound not so … negative. :p) but that was all in the past since after we parted ways I no longer had dreams again.

But just last night … or was it early this morning … that I had a dream that was a bit weird and scary. Why? Basically … I dreamt that I was murdered. Seriously. But the whole story was vague but this is what I remembered when I woke up.

I was lying face down in an abandoned room somewhere with two other guys. I couldn’t see their faces but I was pretty sure that they were guys, or so to speak. Then a masked man spread my hands apart and pointed his gun first at my right wrist. I knew then that I was gonna get shot. But when he actually shot me … twice … there was no pain. He then shot me at my left wrist but this time only once and left me there to bleed to death.

Now the ironic part, I was now lying there, bleeding to death and still not feeling any pain but was getting very dizzy now. So I let the dizziness in me overcome me and passed out. But when I woke up, I was still there but the two guys were already gone … blood all over the floor and still feeling no pain. But when I sat up and looked at my wrists … the gunshot wounds were already healed (left one hell of a mark).

I remembered that I was feeling very confused at that time thinking why this had happened. And that’s when the alarm of my cellphone started beeping. All I can remember is that I left that dream still overwhelmed with confusions … and that probably is why I woke up this morning feeling pretty exhausted.

Turned Four

April 21 marks the day of our batch’s anniversary here in NEC Cebu. And so last Saturday, we celebrated our fourth year anniversary by having a buffet lunch at Cebu Parklane International Hotel, watched Wild Hogs (only some actually ‘coz some had some errands or other plans), had dinner at Dessert Factory, and sang our hearts out at K1.It was a happy and a sad day for me actually. I was happy because we were complete that day, well for lunch anyway, and had such a blast. It was one of those times that you can really say it’s good be a fool (part of the Aprilfools batch that is). But the sad thing about it was we were getting smaller and smaller by the month.

The countdown to who’s next on the resignation list actually stopped with me … for now. But I doubt that it will be for long.

Living here in Cebu and deciding to work here in NEC is certainly one of the best decisions I’ve made and much of it I owe to my batch mates. 🙂